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Free Download now the Inventory management software in excel for small business (with formulas, code vba). This templates is ready for use and the users don’t need to be expert in excel or accounting to manage inventory.

We must say that, this PRO inventory template & premium support service is unique in the world.

1. What is it for?

– It is designed to fit the Small business’s needs of inventory management

– Used for: Retail, shop, restaurant,

– For people who is not expert in Excel or Accounting

– The software is already setup the formula, code, userform,… to enhance the end-users can manage inventory/ stock very easily

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2. What is the pros & cons of inventory management software in excel for small business

2.1. Pros

– Simple

– Easy to use

– View report easily from time to time

– Filter items by suggesting a couple of letters

– Optimize to work in good speed when your data is big

2.2. Cons

– Used for only small business

– Can manage 10.000 items

– Not inlude complicated accounting transactions like: Cashflow, Bank, Asset management

Call me now: +084 38 997 8430


3. How to use the pro inventory template

Only 3 steps, then you can manage very well thousands of items and view report any time

3.1. List of goods items and general information

General information is the first thing you must start when using the inventory management software. It includes:

– Name of your company

– Address

– Phone number/ email,…

inventory management software in excel for small business

Then, the list of goods items is also very important to declare, some key information:

  • Code
  • Code name
  • Unit
  • Stock at openning: At the time of starting using stock management software, your company must have some thing in stock, right? So you input that amount in this list to begin.
  • Note: Some description about your items (if needed)

list of items in stock managment worksheet

3.2. Input transactions: GOODS IN & GOODS OUT

After you have a list of items (step 1 finished), it’s the time to start.

3.2.1. Goods Received

When you receive some items, you click on “Goods in” button and start input these items Information via below form:

input the goods received into inventory management software 1

Noted that:

The filter code box will help me filter all items related to the letter you typed in this box. And your job is only select the right item on the below box of filter code.

The information after you press “Save” is stored in the worksheet like following picture:

input the goods received into inventory management software

You can do this then after for all transactions of goods in.

It’s very easily to input data this way.

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3.2.2. Goods out

When goods out, you select the “Goods out” button to start inputing data.

Then click the button “Click to issue”, a form appears to allow you inputting the goods out’s data, like:

  • Voucher number
  • Current date
  • Filter code
  • Amount issued and selling price
  • The buyer name

That is it

That is all you have to do to manage your inventory in this professional software.

It is too simple to realize J

Now, you only need to view the report on the periods you want

3.3. View report & print voucher in/ out

view balanced report

You can view all the reports very easily with only two steps:

– Input the time: Beginning and Ending

– Click the button “Click to view”

All the data will be automatically executed and you do not need to do anything else.

When you want to print a voucher in / out, you do the same on the tab “Print”:

print voucher in out

4. Link to download the pro worksheet for inventory management

To get a version of inventory management software in excel for small business you need:

  • Email me at: vn@gmail.com
  • Email title: Inventory management software

We will check the email everyday and send you the Demo version of the software immediately.

Important Note:

  • Demo version: Limits the number of items can manage is 10
  • Pro version: you have to pay some fee to get the FULL verson. Email me to get the fee.

Thanks a lot for you time

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